Mrs. ShuGar Reviews: In a World

23 Aug

What makes a movie good? This is such a subjective question.  For me as an indie film lover, the film has to have quality writing and artistry.  On top of all of this, it also has to simply be a compelling story.  By compelling I do not mean a movie has to tell a story about the end of the world and how we will all be abducted by aliens.  There is beauty in simplicity and, many times, these make the best movies.

Lake Bell’s In a World is one of those movies with a simple story, which is heart-warming, funny, and makes you want more.  Not only is this Lake Bell’s directorial debut (impressive), she also wrote it, starred in it and produced it.  Now, that’s one talented lady!

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Just Dance

22 Aug

I’ve wanted to blog about my love affair with dance since like ever.  Aside from writing, I can’t think of anything else that defines me more than dance.  I am not a professional dancer, although I guess I could have been if I had taken dancing more seriously when I was younger.  (Tangent – follow your dreams when you are young.  It’s the best time to do it!)

Anyways, dance has saved me.  Figuratively and physically.  I want to share my heart, not to convince you to put on your dancing shoes, but instead to encourage my lovely readers to find that thing in your life that makes you smile every time you do it.

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Pasadena Day: The Norton Simon Musuem

21 Aug

Even though I haven’t lived in Pasadena for years, I still consider myself an East side gal.  Pasadena has the perfect combo of small town feel with still tons to do and only minutes away from central L.A.  For those of you not familiar with the L.A. area, Pasadena is about twenty minutes east (without traffic) from downtown L.A.  They’ve filmed many movies in the city, so you’ve probably seen in without even knowing it!

When our two-year anniversary was coming up, Mr. ShuGar and I both decided we would do a stay-cation. It didn’t take us long to decide we would have a Pasadena Day to celebrate our two years of marriage.

To start off our Pasadena excursion, we decided to explore the Norton Simon Museum.  I used to frequent it often when I lived nearby, but Mr. ShuGar had never been.  It was an easy choice!

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ShuGar Fix Mondays: Magenta Inspired

19 Aug

Good morning, sweet readers! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  We went to a friend’s wedding at Tom Colicchio’s Craft restaurant.  I’ve always wanted to go there as a foodie who occasionally watches Top Chef. Plus, I just adore weddings.  There’s always something magical in the air.

Alright, let’s talk lips.  Before we do so, let me preface by saying I am no makeup expert.  In fact, I consider myself a little challenged in that department.  I love makeup; I just don’t know what always looks good on me or how to apply it. It’s definitely an art form.

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Mrs. ShuGar’s Snapshots: Photography Class Homework #3

16 Aug

My Camera

So, I have some splaining to do (ode to Ricky from “I Love Lucy”)!  I have lagged in my photography class photos because life just got really busy and I was still trying to figure out how to do these actual assignments.  I wanted to make sure I understood all about aperture and shutter speed before I blogged about it. That said, I am excited to present to you my last photography class assignments in the next few blog posts.  If you want to follow along my photography journey, please begin here.

This next homework assignment was all about exploring focus, specifically known as depth of field, and how to use aperture to manipulate it.  As usual, we were asked to put our camera in manual mode and play around with the different settings. So much harder than you think!

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A Crying Moment

15 Aug


On Tuesday while driving into work,  I had a crying moment.  It wasn’t the kind of cry where small tears gently drip down your face.  It initially started out like that, but then the flood gates were opened and it rapidly became an ugly cry, snot included (sorry – TMI).  There was nothing significant about this particular Tuesday and the only trigger I can think of is the song that came up on my ipod – Gwen Stefani’s Early Winter.  Tangent – I have a major girl crush on her.

Anyways, I realize I was set off by the song because of its lyrics.  I have written about musical landmines before.  With this particular song, it reminded me of a situation I have been trying to diminish or to pretend it didn’t matter.  The problem with attempting to ignore your feelings is that one way or another, they’ll erupt.

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Some Nerdy Things

14 Aug

nerd glasses

Hello dear friends! We’ve reached the middle of the week. Yahoo! In the spirit of hump day, I’d like to divulge some of my nerdiness all in good fun. I am a nerd and darn proud of it.  In fact, I miss wearing my glasses after I had Lasik surgery.  It made me look smarter and cuter.

Did you know…

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